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Rare legal settlements demand officers pay too

Man who spent 27 years in prison exonerated of friend’s murder

Wrongfully convicted man awarded record amount

Alleged police-torture victim tastes freedom

Freed prisoner enjoys ‘first day of the rest of my life’

Ruling Tosses Parts of City Disorderly Conduct Law: Activists Sued After Being Arrested for Leafleting Near Armed Forces Recruiting Booth

Paraplegic claims indicted cops ridiculed him

Family of autistic boy sues city, police board

Man freed by clemency act: ‘I can breathe’

Cop accused of hitting handcuffed teen

Lawsuit claims cops lied about crash that killed 8-year-old

Clout-heavy contractor to pay $12 million in fraud settlement

Man imprisoned for nearly 25 years certified innocent

Exonerated man is taking Burge to court

Cops review time in custody: Ex-suspect’s suit says city police aren’t adhering to 48-hour limit

Glenview police board fires cop accused of lying at trial

           A class action lawsuit has been filed in federal court in Denver alleging that, during the protests in Denver in May and June 2020, the Denver police and other law enforcement agencies providing assistance to Denver police (1) used excessive force on protestors, and (2) wrongfully arrested protestors for violation of the nighttime curfew, in violation of their right to freedom of speech and expression. See here. If the Court certifies this class action, this lawsuit will represent certain classes of people impacted by the law enforcement misconduct set forth in the lawsuit and not just the named Plaintiffs.

            We are reviewing the stories of potential class members and witnesses. If you or someone you know was present for the protests in Denver beginning on May 28, 2020, and (1) had force used on them by police, such as, for example the use of a chemical agent such as tear gas or pepper spray, or being hit with a projectile (e.g., rubber/foam bullet, tear gas canister, pepper balls, etc.), OR (2) were arrested solely for violation of the curfew (and/or failure to obey the curfew), please complete the following form to the best of your ability so that we can follow up with you to obtain more information.

            We will treat information submitted by you about your own experience as privileged and confidential to the fullest extent required by the law and attorney ethical standards. If, however, you are submitting information about someone else, that information may not be subject to attorney-client privilege and may be subject to disclosure.

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Topic: Police Misconduct

Lawsuit: 39 Years of Police Cover-up Sent Man to Prison

Todd County, Kentucky and Kentucky State Troopers Falsified Evidence, Withheld Exonerating Evidence To Frame Norman Graham BOWLING GREEN, KY – Attorneys for 74-year-old Clarksville, TN resident Norman Graham today filed suit in federal court here challenging nearly four decades of law enforcement harassment and arrests without probable cause that eventually sent him to prison for… Read More

Wrongfully Convicted Woman Sues Corrupt Louisville Officers Who Framed Her for Murder

Louisville woman framed for murder and locked up at age 16 sues police after recent exoneration LOUISVILLE, KY – This morning Louisville resident Johnetta Carr sued seven current and former Louisville Metro Police Department officers in federal court for framing her for a murder she did not commit. The detectives are accused of coercing witnesses,… Read More